Children’s Heart Gallery is Helping Foster Children Find Their Forever Families

Foster Children

As a part of the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the Children’s Heart Gallery heightens the visibility of children in foster care awaiting families. Heart Galleries across the U.S. help to connect hundreds of foster children with forever families each year. The Children’s Heart Gallery introduces Wesson! Wesson is currently trying to connect with a forever family to adopt him. 

A Little About Wesson 

Wesson loves music, has written a few of his own songs. Through a generous corporate sponsorship, Wesson was given 12 weeks of guitar lessons. 

Wesson is an active young teenager who is up for trying any new adventure. He recently tried fishing for the first time and really enjoyed it! His favorite sport to watch on television is basketball. He is not a fan of playing basketball unless it is for fun with his friends.

He loves listening to music and has even written a few of his own songs. One of his favorite things to eat is Ramen with sugar in it (he definitely is original)! He is pleasant, energetic, adventurous, polite, and fun to be around.

Do you know someone who would welcome Wesson into their hearts and home? Wesson is fourteen, and we don’t want him to age out of the foster care system without a family. Wesson would do best in a small family setting. He needs an active family that can keep up with his busy and active personality. Wesson will need a strong male figure, but one who does not come off too stern. He thrives in an environment that offers good structure, routine, and consistency.

Visit the Children’s Heart Gallery website HERE to find out how you can help Wesson and other kids in foster care! Foster children experience tough lives, full of poverty, trauma, neglect and/or abuse so early on in their young lives, and their lives are forever changed when others choose to help kids in foster care. Partner with Children’s Heart Gallery through volunteering and donations to help foster children in Arizona.

About All Kids Need Music:

All Kids Need Music is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit children’s charity dedicated to reaching as many at-risk, underprivileged children and students who would have no other way to participate in Music Education. With the support of as many generous donors as possible, we can provide each child access to a musical instrument and musical instruction. We believe in the transformative power of music education and that every child deserves a chance to learn to play an instrument, learn more about us HERE

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