Help Abused U.S. Orphans Heal with Therapeutic Music Lessons

Therapeutic Music Lessons, All Kids Need Music

$125 raised of $50,000 goal. Please visit us HERE to check out the All Kids Need Music GoFundMe page.

There are almost half a million children in the U.S. who have been horrifically abused and are now living in group homes, foster homes, and shelters, and are being cared for by the states they live in.  After experiencing life threatening abuse and neglect, they still suffer from the wounds they have endured.  Without loving parents or a stable home, they bounce from place to place and caregiver to caregiver an average of three times a year, sometimes with their earthly belongings being carried in a trash bag. Therapeutic music lessons can be the answer to healing.

What has happened to them is not their fault, and they deserve the opportunity to be healed (they suffer a higher incidence of PTSD than our military!).  Music therapy is proven to help victims heal from trauma, it improves mental health and educational outcomes, while providing a source of joy and hope for the future.

All Kids Needs Music provides a musical instrument (something to call their own!), and therapeutic music lessons, plus a caring, consistent mentor that doesn’t change, even if schools or group homes have to.  The U.S. orphans in our program are making really wonderful progress, and we have a waiting list of children who want to join our program.

We are only limited by funding – can you help?  A monthly sponsorship of $160 provides four lessons a month plus a musical instrument.  If this doesn’t work for you, a gift of any amount will help.  Your donation is tax deductible and we will make sure you receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Sponsors can write encouraging notes to their students, and businesses that donate receive great exposure for their generosity.  You can find out more about ways to become a Champion for Children here:

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