All Kids Need Music
But Especially At Risk Kids

Every Child
Needs a

For children in difficult circumstances, whether it is an orphaned U.S. child living in foster care, a homeless child, or an at risk child living near or below the poverty level, music has the power to heal trauma, improve mental health, and create better academic outcomes.  This is why we believe all kids need music, but especially at risk kids. 

Did you know that playing music actually increases children’s IQs as well as increases their happiness levels?  Both of these benefits are so important for children who are struggling against the odds. 

We need sponsors for the thousands of orphans and homeless children right here in our own towns and cities. Our sponsors are truly champions for the most at risk children in our nation. Champions for U.S. orphans and at risk youth can help provide the opportunities they need to succeed. 

Champions sponsor therapeutic music lessons with professional trauma trained teachers,  supply the instruments, and help us grow our outreach to these students, the schools they attend, and in some cases the foster homes they live in. 

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Need Music Lessons?

We are so excited you found us! If you are a student in a difficult situation, you are exactly why we are here!  To start your musical journey, you will need to fill out an application. If you qualify, we will match you with a Music Champion.  As soon as you are matched, one of our talented teachers will reach out to you to equip you with an instrument and match you with a teacher. 

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Our at Risk Students Deserve Our Best Efforts
to Give Them Their Best Chance

Depending on age, we offer ten different music instruments for students to choose from.  Our high quality faculty represents over two hundred years of combined music instruction. Post graduate musical studies, accomplished musicians, choir directors, performers, composers, arrangers, band directors and music curriculum authors – you will be hard pressed to find a more accomplished music faculty to learn from during music class for many different types of instruments.

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