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Our Non Profit Charities for Children Help
Our Nation's Most Vulnerable Children

It is the holiday season – the season of giving.  If you are searching for non profit charities to support, we invite you to look closely at the impact our therapeutic music program provides for abused U.S. foster children and traumatized homeless children.

Our music programs are focused on the most vulnerable children in U.S. society – orphans.  Right now there are almost 120,000 U.S. orphans in group homes and foster homes around the country.  They have been horrifically abused, and need healing from their emotional wounds just as desperately as their physical wounds.


Non Profit Charities Should be Accountable

Our IRS recognized 501(c)3 non profit charity for children has earned the Guidestar Golden Seal of Transparency because the dollars that are donated are absolutely spent on providing the therapeutic music lessons that abused children need to heal.  As you decide which non profit charities to support this giving season, we recommmend you research the organizations at Guidestar HERE.

Additionally, you need to know how the programs work.  All Kids Need Music utilizes the child sponsorship model.  When funds are received to sponsor a child, a process begins to move waiting children from waiting to actively receiving the therapeutic music lessons they need to heal.  You can find out more about our Child Sponsorship Program and how it works HERE.

Read the Student Shout Outs below to see how the children feel about their music sponsorships.

Shout Outs

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