How Child Sponsorship Works


Through child sponsorship, foster kids who have experienced the horrific trauma of abuse, the heartbreak of homelessness and food insecurity, and other childhood heartbreaks receive the gift of healing and hope.  Through our Sponsor a Child programs, you can provide the healing they need.

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How Child Sponsorship Works


When a generous, compassionate donor provides the financial means to sponsor a foster kid or homeless child, the waiting child is informed that they can begin their music program. The child sponsorship opens the doors for the healing process to begin.


The sponsored child is given the choice of ten musical instruments or voice lessons. Once the choice is made, the student is matched with the appropriate music instructor.


Each week the student meets virtually with their music instructor. The instructor is trauma trained, and each lesson provides the opportunity for safe processing of trauma and grief.


Students who go through our therapeutic music program don't just learn how to play music. Their emotional health, cognitive capabilities and academic performance improves.

Child Sponsorships Change Futures

Foster kids experience PTSD at three times the rate of U.S. military.  Both foster and homeless children are at high risk of mental health problems, including PTSD, depression, and self-harm. Our Sponsor a Child programs provide therapeutic music lessons that are proven to help heal PTSD, decrease depression, and improve cognitive functioning.

Foster Kids &
Homeless Children's
Futures Can Change
with Your Help

Sponsor a Child programs, child sponsorship

“When my friends aged out of foster care, they wound up homeless and addicted.  I graduated from high school, got a job, and am enrolled in college on a  scholarship.”


sponsor a child programs

“My dad was in prison and my mom did the best she could.  We wound up living in our car. ,Moving from place to place, school to school.  I just didn’t believe it was possible for my life to be any different – but it is.  Music gave me something to hang on to.  Music therapy gave me a way out of the trap of hopelessness.”

child sponsorship, foster kids, sponsor a child programs

“No one believed I was worth anything.  Even though I could play five musical instruments, I didn’t believe I was worth anything.  I tried to kill myself several times.  Because of music therapy, my mind has cleared, and I don’t live in depression and self-doubt.  I have hope and plans for my future.

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