It's National Adoption Day

For a special group of children living in the U.S. foster care system, National Adoption Day is the answer to their hopes and prayers.  It means a loving family has opened their hearts and invited them to join their family forever.  For the majority of the children in foster care, it is so painful.  These children believe no one wants them, and sometimes they even believe they are unlovable.

At All Kids Need Music,we focus on the children living in foster care that are not adopted. They have endured unimaginable abuse, their parental rights have been severed, and they are truly orphaned.  The older the child is, the more likely they are to remain in foster care.

The majority of these children live in group homes with other wounded children.  Sadly, they move an average of three times a year.  Every time they move, they lose ground academically, and shut down further emotionally.  These vulnerable foster children do not have consistent, loving, encouraging adults in their lives.  They suffer from PTSD, depression, and numerous other emotional/social issues as a result of the trauma they experienced and the ongoing damage done by how they live  in foster care.

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Through the generosity of compassionate sponsors, All Kids Need Music provides therapeutic music lessons for children in foster care.  Music therapy is a proven method to help heal PTSD, reduce depression, improve cognitive functioning, and academic outcomes. 

While the children don’t know all of this, what they do know is that someone really does care about them.  They are not invisible.  Each child that enters the All Kids Need Music program is given the opportunity to choose their own musical instrument (ten to choose from).  They are amazed that they have an instrument that is all their own.  They are matched with a professional, trauma trained music instructor.  The music instructor also serves as an encouraging mentor who is consistent in the child’s life, no matter where the child is moved to.   As the child goes through the program, they also gain personal responsibility, self-esteem, and a safe place to process emotions that they don’t even know how to express.

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Help us Transform the Lives of Kids in Foster Care

Did you know that there are over 400,000 foster children in the U.S.?  Many of the children whose parental rights are severed will age out of the foster care system without ever being adopted.  The children that age out without a family are at extremely high risk for homeless, drug addiction, mental illness, and imprisonment. 

The therapeutic music program at All Kids Needs Music really can help level the playing field for these at-risk children.  Please consider joining us in changing both their todays and tomorrows.  Every dollar you give is managed very carefully, and makes a difference.  We have earned the Goldstar Seal of Transparency for our financial accountability and stewardship.   We are an IRS registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.  Please be as generous as you can, the vulnerable kids in foster care urgently need a lifeline to hope and healing.

Join us on Giving Tuesday on November 29th.  Our goal is for 500 U.S. foster kids will get sponsored on this wonderful day.  Connect with us on Facebook now, then share our page, mission, and goal with your friends to help change the lives of the most vulnerable children in our country.

Use the hashtags #AllKidsNeedMusic, and #GivingTuesday on your Instagram and Twitter feeds as well, and share our Facebook URL.  Thanks for helping!

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