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All Kids Need Music, a music non profit, is changing foster children’s lives through the transformative power of therapeutic music lessons. Watch the recent television interview below to learn more:

KOLD News 13 in Tucson, Arizona shares how All Kids Need Music is connecting children in foster care with music teachers trained in trauma.

“These children who have been through horrific, horrific abuse are the ones who need the trauma healing,” said Vicki Isaac, the founder of We Are Their Future, which helps foster children find forever homes.

However, she said until that day comes, many children can live in up to three households a year. The virtual music lessons give them the opportunity to see a familiar face no matter where they go.

“If you can imagine what that does to a child who doesn’t have parents. Who do you trust? Do you want to build another relationship with someone? After a while these children start shutting down,” she said.

From just one month of lessons, music teacher Karen Shaffstall can already see her student progressing.

“She grasps everything I say to her,” Shaffstall said. “She’s on the edge of her seat listening.”

The music teachers are helping students develop musical skills and a meaningful bond.

“I feel like we’ve built a special kinship, a relationship and this happens very often in music settings,” she said. “It’s kind of that family feeling.”

Providing children consistency and an adult they can trust is the ultimate goal of the program.

“I said if you ever need anything, you know if you need to talk or whatever I’m here not only musically. She said that’s so great,” Shaffstall said.

Each child gets their own instrument which helps give them a sense of ownership.

“While we work on finding forever families for them, they need the healing,” Isaac said.

Visit the KOLD News 13 website HERE to read the full news story by KOLD News 13 in Tucson, Arizona about All Kids Need Music. Visit All Kids Need Music if you want to learn more about the program and sponsoring a child.

About All Kids Need Music Non Profit

All Kids Need Music is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide at risk, underprivileged children with the transformative power of music education to improve their physical, social, emotional and cognitive outcomes. Information about All Kids Need Music music charity and nonprofit is available at

All Kids Need Music is a non-profit organization staffed with professional trauma-trained music teachers. The organization provides the musical instrument of the child’s choice or voice lessons (ten instruments to choose from). Lessons are conducted online to eliminate transportation barriers and maintain a consistent teacher/mentor relationship because children in foster care frequently move from group home to group home. Changing group homes dampers the foster child’s ability to build trusting adult relationships with care providers, teachers, etc. Consistency with the child’s music instructor rebuilds trust in caring adults. Learn about becoming a Music Champion for children living in foster care, please visit our website HERE to find out more!


  1. […] demonstrate how we teach and encourage our students (we can’t show the student per state care guidelines), one of our trauma certified teachers described how the program provides healing, and a board member shared specifics about the lives of orphans in the foster care system.  She outlined why the need is so great for emotional healing through a trauma informed music therapy program.  If you were unable to watch the interview, you can view it here. […]

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