Our Non Profit Charity for Children Supports Teens in Foster Care With Music

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The founder of All Kids Need Music has operated a music school for years. Director Ed Kelly began noticing that students were unable to participate in the music programs in each classroom. The reality of these students’ circumstances hit Director Kelly hard because he believes that music has the power to transform children. Many children are not able to experience the amazing benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument. Our music non profit charity for children is finding a way to help U.S. orphans living in foster care experience the power of music!

The Amazing Benefits Learning a Music Instrument Has on Children and Teens

All Kids Need Music is helping U.S. orphans waiting to be adopted in Arizona and around the United States have the opportunity to learn and experience the power of music. By providing kids in foster care with online music lessons and musical instruments, we support positive reinforcements greatly needed in their lives. Learning to play an instrument is incredibly important for kids who have experienced trauma and loss. Learning to play music can undoubtedly impact a child and teenager’s academics, behaviors, and social interactions. 

An article by the National Association of Music Merchants states just how powerful the benefits of playing music can be. The NAMM Foundation shared that teenagers feel learning to play music gives them a sense of freedom to be themselves and be different, something they thought they could never be before. How powerful of an impact for a child or teenager waiting for love and safety in a forever home. The NAMM article also shared that teenagers feel learning to play a musical instrument teaches them self-discipline, commitment, and inclusivity of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Music literacy, listening skills, motor ability, eye-hand coordination, and heightened intellectual capabilities are all skills associated with learning a musical instrument. 

According to “The Impact of Music on the Lives of Children and Adolescents” by the NAMM Foundation, teens believe music helps them release and control their emotions. Teenagers even felt it helps to cope with difficult situations like peer pressure, substance abuse, school and life pressures, and pain of loss or trauma. Music can be life-changing for U.S. orphans! Partner with our music non profit and help us provide music lessons for as many children in foster care as possible. Learn how to be a Music Champion for children HERE. 

Partner with All Kids Need Music, A Non Profit Charity for Children, and Give the Gift of Music to Children in Foster Care

We are so honored you are partnering with our non profit charity for children and helping us provide positive musical experiences for teenagers and children in foster care. With your donation, U.S. orphans can experience the magic of learning music all year round. For many children in foster care, this may be the first time they have something to call their own that can go with them wherever they go! We thank you for your support of All Kids Need Music!

Music is for everyone, and we believe without music, our minds would be quiet. All Kids Need Music, a music non profit charity for children, is excited to offer online music lessons and access to musical instruments for children in need. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@allkidsneedmusic.academy, call us at 908-244-4943, or learn more about giving the gift of music with All Kids Need Music HERE. We are so thankful for your generosity and support. Thank you!

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