Now More Than Ever We Are Called To Make a Difference

Angelita was removed from her parents. She was separated from her brother and sisters and placed in a group home with other abused children. The anguishing abuse she experienced should not happen to anyone, least of all an innocent child, and worst of all, at the hands of parents who were supposed to love and care for her.

Angelita regressed emotionally, physically, and academically. She retreated into a shell, only speaking when she was forced to. She stayed curled in a ball underneath a blanket unless she had to be at school, where she kept her head down and stayed motionless.

All Kids Need Music was asked to intervene. Because of a generous sponsor, Angelita was matched with a warm hearted, trauma trained piano instructor. She has made incredible progress!! She is so eager to learn, and so enthusiastic about her lesson time. She comes to class prepared, and her entire face lights up. We are all so excited about her progress and the happiness it brings her!

THREE DAYS FROM NOW…. Let’s break through the suffering and sadness for 1,000 U.S. orphans like Angelita! On Tuesday November 30th, our #RadicalGenerosity movement for #GivingTuesday will provide a way for horribly abused orphans to move forward as Angelita is, from pain and suffering into healing and hope.



PREPARE TO STEP FORWARD IN #RadicalGenerosity on #GivingTuesday

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