Now More Than Ever We Are Called to Make a Difference Nov. 29, 2021

Ian’s dad is in prison. Ian found out about All Kids Need Music through a recent television interview we did. On his own, he went on our website and filled out the form to request help. He has wanted to learn to play music as long as he can remember, but there is of course no way to pay for an instrument or lessons. Even trying to learn at school is hard because he moves so frequently, and does not own his own instrument. He has been through so many ups and downs – bullied because his dad is in prison, behind in school, and extremely low self-confidence as he considers himself a “lesser than” compared to other kids.

He chose the guitar. His teacher is just amazed about the transformation in him. His head no longer hangs down, but his bright eyes and quick smile shine when he starts to play music. His teacher knows he doesn’t have much to be joyful about, but says he is attentive, polite, and so grateful for the opportunity. She says he is truly healing from all of the trauma he has experienced, and it is positively impacting him in so many areas of his life!

TWO DAYS FROM NOW…. Let’s break through depression, rejection, bullying and ostracism for 1,000 U.S. orphans like Ian! On Tuesday November 30th, our #RadicalGenerosity movement for #GivingTuesday will provide a way for horribly abused orphans to move forward as Ian is, from pain and suffering into healing and hope.



PREPARE TO STEP FORWARD IN #RadicalGenerosity on #GivingTuesday

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