Unleash Your Generosity

Four days away…. Four days until we change the present and the future for 1,000 U.S. orphans. On Tuesday November 30th, our #RadicalGenerosity movement for #GivingTuesday will provide a way for horribly abused orphans to move forward from trauma into healing and hope.

They suffer PTSD at TWICE the rate of the U.S. military. They move on average THREE times a year, falling further behind in school every time they move. They experience detachment disorders because every time they get close to caring adults or make friends, they simply have to move again. Many children have their meager belongings stolen, and finally simply quit unpacking, some keeping their possessions in a pillow case so they can pick up and move when necessary. No loving family, no stable and nurturing adult relationships, behind in school all while carrying the broken heart and mind from the life threatening abuse and neglect experienced at the very hands of those who were supposed to love and protect them.

And now, they believe no one wants them, no one cares about them, and many believe they are not worthy of being loved. It is beyond heartbreaking, but NOT BEYOND OUR ABILITY TO BRING HEALING AND HOPE. GET READY. GET YOUR FRIENDS READY. ON NOVEMBER 30TH, WE ARE GOING TO CHANG THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE FOR 1,000 U.S. ORPHANS.


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PREPARE TO STEP FORWARD IN #RadicalGenerosity on #GivingTuesday

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