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Meet Everett! He is Healing Through Music  
Everett heard about All Kids Need Music through a recent television interview we did.  Everett's father is incarcerated, but Everett remembers that his dad is a musician.  Everett has wanted to learn to play an instrument ever since he can remember, but there was no money to pay for lessons. Everett has been through a lot of ups and downs,  but he finds healing through music.  Everett’s teacher is so delighted to see the joy on his face every time his music lesson begins, because she knows he has not had much to be joyful about.  She simply can't believe how transformative his therapeutic music lessons are, how rapid his progress, and how attentive, polite and grateful he is for the opportunity.  What a blessing to witness pain turning into joy!
Yes! I Can Help Sponsor Waiting Orphans & Homeless Children >>>>
A Note from the President

How are you?  Well, I hope! I always have wonderful news about abused, orphaned and homeless children's lives changing, and I will certainly share it!  However, this month I really need your help.  In the summer, giving really slows down, but the needs of our most vulnerable children do not.  In fact, their difficulties get worse in the summer months without the positive impact of school and the extra protective layer that the watchful eyes of teachers can bring to protect children from abuse and hunger. And, we have been so grateful for all of the recent media attention, but it has served to increase the waiting list of children without increasing the revenue!

The need is also growing because inflation is rising in urban centers across our nation.  Increasingly,  families are finding it impossible to make ends meet.  The working poor are now in tent cities outside of our city shelters, or living in cars, abandoned buildings - whatever they can find.  When families are plunged into poverty and homelessness, the risk factors increase exponentially for child abuse.  Tempers flare in the heat for those who have no relief.  In the group homes that we serve, the children get increasingly depressed and anxious.  They are not going to the pool, the beach or to the mountains on family vacations.  Their interactions are with other children who are as wounded as they are. They don't have bicycles or Xboxes to distract them.   Instead they have haunting memories of horrific abuse, usually at the hands of a parent or relative.  The police reports of what has happened to these poor children are sometimes unrepeatable.  You just can't imagine.

So, we urgently need your help to provide the therapeutic resources that abused and orphaned children need to find healing through music.  Did you know they experience PTSD at twice the rate of our U.S. military?  If they don't get the healing they need, they will most likely repeat the cycles of poverty, addiction, and abuse.  We see it happen over and over again. You might be thinking - how can learning to play music be such a big deal for children with so many much bigger problems?  That is exactly it - children in state care are fed, clothed, and receive medical attention.  Homeless children in our country are eligible for food and health care, and their families eligible for housing assistance if they live below the poverty line.  You see, we are focusing on what is falling through the cracks - the emotional health of these children who experience so much trauma.  They need consistent, positive mentoring.  They need something to call their own.  They need healing from their abuse, and a way forward to improve academically.  We provide all of that!  Science proves the benefits and our children's progress illustrates it.

Right now we have children living in orphanages waiting for us to say yes.  They see other children participating in the program and they can't, because we simply don't have the funds if someone doesn't sponsor them. 
Honestly, we are stretched as thin as we can get, because we hate to say no to any child.  Please remember that no gift is too small, and every dollar is used to help bring healing through music to the most vulnerable children in our nation! We just need your help - the children are waiting. 

For the Children,

Ed Kelly

All Kids Need Music

Yes! I Will Help Change Orphans and Homeless Children's Lives!
Would you like more information about adopting foster children?  Building Arizona Families, one of our corporate sponsors, can help.  They offer virtual seminars on adoption for foster children, infants, and Haitian children.  You can find out more about adoption by visiting their website HERE.  And, you can view children whose parental rights have been severed and who are hoping and praying for forever families HERE. Please forward the information about adoption to friends and family!
Yes! I Want Adoption Information!
Champions for Children

CEO Jason Bowers of JLC Roofing stepped up in a major way to help fund the summer camp for homeless children.  At the last moment when we were still short of funding, Jason helped make sure that every homeless child had the opportunity to benefit from healing through music that they so urgently need.   JLC Roofing is a family owned Arizona company with over 25 years of serving Arizona businesses and Arizona families' roofing needs.  They understand the importance of what is underneath the roof they build or repair.  Jason understands the importance of good corporate citizenship. He and his wife Jenni are passionate about making a difference in the lives of Arizona orphans and underprivileged children.  Find out more about JLC and ways they serve Arizona  HERE.  


If your company would like to practice good corporate citizenship by changing the lives of our nation's most vulnerable children, and experience great public relations benefits,  GO HERE to find out more.
Thank you, Paul Paich, for sponsoring Shawn at the St. Joseph's Orphanage in Ohio.  Paul is already a sponsor for an Arizona orphan, but couldn't stand the thought of Shawn continuing to wait for a sponsor, so he is now changing two orphans' lives!  If you are looking for an Arizona realtor with integrity who genuinely cares about the clients he serves, Paul is the guy to call.  He is an associate broker with over 15 years of experience, and you can count on him to go above and beyond the call of duty.  You can e-mail Paul at paulpaichrealestate@gmail.com or call him at 602-722-0026.

We have three orphans in Arizona waiting for sponsors. And, we need funding for an entire school of underprivileged children. 
Can you help? Please remember that it is tax deductible and that no gift is too small!
Yes! I can sponsor an orphan!
Individual Champions

There are so many ways for individuals to help change the lives of foster children.

Choose a child or children to sponsor for a year.  You can choose to cover the costs of the child's instrument and lessons, just the lessons, or just the instrument.  You can also choose to give to the area of greatest need.  You can make a single gift or a monthly recurring gift.  And remember, it changes childrens' lives and is tax deductible as an additional benefit to you.

Business Champions

Businesses that sponsor music lessons and instrument rental for at risk children are first and foremost changing the lives of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. As a thank you for the generosity of our business partners, we provide an effective platform for businesses to build their brand around their corporate generosity.

Research proves that corporations that give back have a significantly higher brand appeal and loyalty rate. Corporations engaged in social good also positively impact their own employees at work satisfaction and company loyalty. Being a champion for at-risk children provides the opportunity for employees to stay in touch with their sponsored child, providing a source of joy and sense of being cared about for children who in many instances have been terribly abused and discarded.

Every Dollar Helps - Please Give What You Can >>>
We Need Sponsors to Help
We urgently need your help for thousands of U.S. orphans living in group homes and shelters around our country.  These orphaned children have already experienced so much pain and loss from unimaginable child abuse and neglect.  They need the opportunity to heal through the therapy of playing a musical instrument.   We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your generous gift is tax deductible. Please do what you can to help these children!
Help Abused Orphans and Homeless Children Heal . Your sponsorship reminds them that there are loving people who care about them.
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