Meet Riley!
Riley started her lessons as a vocal student but quickly decided she’d rather learn to play the piano.  She is eager to learn and so enthusiastic about her lesson time!  Even though Riley is unable to live with her parents, she is able to share her progress with them.  When she knows that they have heard her play the piano her whole face lights up with a contagious smile.  Her music lessons truly bring her joy and healing.  When time runs out for her lesson, she is quick to ask when her next lesson is.  She comes to class prepared and looking forward to learning.  We are so excited about her progress, her excitement to learn, and the happiness it brings her.  We are looking forward to this eagerness to learn translating into great progress for her this year at school.

A Note from the President

Summer is almost over, and I hope it was wonderful for you and yours. It has been a very productive summer for orphaned and homeless children around the United States as they have continued to make great progress musically.  We are anticipating wonderful  news when they get their academic progress reports, as we know that therapeutic music lessons positively change academic outcomes for children who have experienced trauma as these children have.

Heading back to school is usually an exciting time for children, as they go shopping for new school clothes, shoes, backpacks and school supplies.  However, for children living in group homes, shelters, and even cars, going back to school can be a hurtful experience. Foster and homeless children are often shunned, as their clothing, lack of school supplies, and hygiene identify them as having far less than other children.  This makes them vulnerable to bullying, shaming, and ostracism. It is heartbreaking, because they have already experienced so much pain and loss through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, it impacts their educational outcomes as school becomes a place where they are stressed out, frightened, and lonely. Bullying can seriously affect the mental, physical, and academic outcomes of children and they are already so fragile.

The impact of bullying is one more reason why these precious children urgently need the safe, consistent mentorship and emotional healing that comes with therapeutic music lessons, and the pride that comes with owning their own musical instrument.  They are not lesser-than human beings.  We need to demonstrate that they are not forgotten, and that there are caring people who will help make a way for them to have a better future. Last month I mentioned that right now we have children living in orphanages waiting for us to say yes.  These children see other children participating in the program and they can’t.  Summer financial support was very limited, but we are hoping that now that you know how serious the situation is, you will step forward to sponsor one of the U.S. orphans that urgently need the healing that comes with loving, consistent mentorship from trauma trained teachers, and therapeutic music lessons to provide a safe place to heal.

For the Most Vulnerable Children,

Ed Kelly

All Kids Need Music

Yes! I Will Help Change Orphans and Homeless Children’s Lives! ->->
Would you like more information about adopting foster children?  Building Arizona Families, one of our corporate sponsors, can help.  They offer virtual seminars on adoption for foster children, infants, and Haitian children.  You can find out more about adoption by visiting their website HERE. And, you can view children whose parental rights have been severed and who are hoping and praying for forever families HERE.Please forward the information about adoption to friends and family!

Champions for Children

If your company would like to practice good corporate citizenship by changing the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable children, and experience great public relations benefits, GO HERE to find out more.

Thank you, Paul Paich, for sponsoring Shawn at the St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Ohio.  Paul is already a sponsor for an Arizona orphan, but couldn’t stand the thought of Shawn continuing to wait for a sponsor, so he is now changing two orphans’ lives!  If you are looking for an Arizona realtor with integrity who genuinely cares about the clients he serves, Paul is the guy to call.  He is an associate broker with over 15 years of experience, and you can count on him to go above and beyond the call of duty.  You can e-mail Paul at or call him at 602-722-0026.

We have three orphans in Arizona waiting for sponsors. And, we need funding for an entire school of underprivileged children. 
Can you help? Please remember that it is tax deductible and that no gift is too small!

Individual Champions

There are so many ways for individuals to help change the lives of foster children.

Choose a child or children to sponsor for a year.  You can choose to cover the costs of the child’s instrument and lessons, just the lessons, or just the instrument.  You can also choose to give to the area of greatest need.  You can make a single gift or a monthly recurring gift.  And remember, it changes childrens’ lives and is tax deductible as an additional benefit to you.

Business Champions

Businesses that sponsor music lessons and instrument rental for at risk children are first and foremost changing the lives of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. As a thank you for the generosity of our business partners, we provide an effective platform for businesses to build their brand around their corporate generosity.

Research proves that corporations that give back have a significantly higher brand appeal and loyalty rate. Corporations engaged in social good also positively impact their own employees at work satisfaction and company loyalty. Being a champion for at-risk children provides the opportunity for employees to stay in touch with their sponsored child, providing a source of joy and sense of being cared about for children who in many instances have been terribly abused and discarded.

We Need Sponsors to Help
We urgently need your help for thousands of U.S. orphans living in group homes and shelters around our country.  These orphaned children have already experienced so much pain and loss from unimaginable child abuse and neglect.  They need the opportunity to heal through the therapy of playing a musical instrument.   We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your generous gift is tax deductible. Please do what you can to help these children!
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