We are Helping Kids in Foster Care Learn How to Sing and Play Music

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Many foster kids in Arizona and around the U.S. experience immense sadness and loneliness because they do not have a family to share their life with. Kids in foster care are patiently waiting for a family to offer them a life of love, safety, and happiness. We are trying to help kids in foster care experience something that is incredible at providing joy, increase academic performance, and decrease stress levels – learning to play a musical instrument or learning how to sing!

Meet Tyranny! He Loves to Learn How to Sing with His Vocal Instructor 

Tyranny (Ty) loves music! Through an incredibly generous gift, Ty was given 52 weeks of vocal lessons. His group home manager let us know how much Ty is enjoying his lessons and his vocal instructor…

“Thank you so much for the lessons. Ty is really enjoying Sergio!! Thank you again for this special gift.”

Tyranny is creative and has a contagious smile. He enjoys building objects with Legos. Tyranny enjoys being outdoors, riding his bike, skateboard, playing with Nerf guns, and playing on his flag football team. Tyranny believes the best in people. He likes to help and serve. He recently had a $100 shopping spree where he bought things for other people before spending any money on himself. Tyranny has made friends in the neighborhood and has gotten involved in his church choir. He did a solo of the song Silent Night!

Tyranny wants an active family who loves to play and have fun together. He would do well in a two parent or single parent home with no younger children. When asked about family Tyranny said, “I want to be with a family, period. But I want to be with a family that has fun a lot together.”

Tyranny was born in 2010.

Above all else, Tyranny wants a forever family. Please help us share Ty’s story. You can find out more about Ty at: https://www.childrensheartgallery.org/profile/tyranny

Helping Kids in Foster Care Find Their Forever Families 

You can visit the Children’s Heart Gallery website HERE to find out how you can help Tyranny and other kids in foster care! Foster kids experience tough lives, full of poverty, trauma, neglect and/or abuse so early. Their young lives can be forever changed when others choose to help kids in foster care. Every child significantly benefits from others’ generosity of opening up their hearts and homes to foster kids in need of a forever family. 

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