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AKNM August 2022 Newsletter

 I hope you are doing well!  It’s an incredibly busy time of year for most of us, so I appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter. Last month I shared about what foster children experience when they go back to school. This month, I’d like to highlight an additional challenge that these vulnerable children endure.
      Once children are removed from their homes to protect them, they are housed in shelters, group homes, and foster homes.  Unfortunately, for one reason or another, they are forced to move an average twice a year.  They pack their meager possessions in a garbage bag, backpack, or shabby suitcase.  Some children quit bothering to unpack.  They also quit bothering to make friends, trust adults, or connect with teachers.  Their ability to create meaningful relationships is broken by the trauma and they experienced and continue to experience.
     Each time they move, they lose between four to six months of academic progress.  It’s mind-boggling to think that if they move twice per year, they lose an entire year of academic progress!  This has a cumulative effect. The longer a child remains in the foster care system, the less likely they will be reunited to their family, and the greater the damage to their ability to develop relationships and make academic progress.

What’s the Solution?

Child welfare agencies recognize the damage frequent uprooting causes to children who are already traumatized.  They are working on strategies to reduce placement instability, but the statistics have not changed much and the damage continues to compound.

In the meantime, All Kids Need Music is working diligently to provide solutions that can facilitate emotional healing, provide a stable, consistent, and compassionate mentor, and improve their academic outcomes.  It is therapeutic music instruction, and it is proven to do all of the above.

The need is so great – there are so many foster children waiting!  We are truly only limited by funding in order to help these children that don’t deserve to suffer any more than they already have.  Please be a part of their solution – it really is up to compassionate people like you and I to help them heal and improve the outcomes for their future.

We can’t sit back and watch, hoping something will change. We should all be a part of the solution. Let’s change the future for U.S. orphans! Please partner with me – every dollar counts and it is tax deductible.  

Serving the children together,


All Kids Need Music

Our August Newsletter Sponsor

All Kids Need Music is grateful that Paul is generously giving back to his community through changing Arizona orphans’ lives. In addition to sponsoring the March Newsletter, Paul faithfully sponsors two orphans who receive the therapeutic music lessons they need to heal from horrible abuse. Paul is an experienced Associate Broker that serves buyers and sellers alike with excellence. He is a Certified Military Residential Specialist and a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist in case you know someone who deserves the excellent service level and attention to detail that Paul provides.

You can reach out to Paul at (602) 722-0026 or by e-mail at

Client Testimonial – “I can’t say enough wonderful things about Paul Paich!”

From beginning to end and even after our close date, Paul went above & beyond in every aspect. I was thoroughly impressed & so grateful to have Paul working with us. We will never use anyone else – he is  an incredible realtor & fantastic guy!!!! From the meeting us the first day I contacted him, getting an offer in within the hour, spending hours reviewing the home inspection, daily correspondence, and even sitting next to us during the signing of closing docs, Paul was with us every single step of the way!

Anthony & Tangi Richert

Paul’s website is really helpful – check it out!

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Corporate Champions for Children

Thank you, Fundamental Music Instruction!  Fundamental Music Instruction (FMI) is instrumental (forgive the pun) in supporting the work of All Kids Need Music.  Sponsoring children, volunteering unpaid time to teach, and even supplying musical instruments – they truly have been a primary supporter!  Fundamental Music provides high quality music classes for schools and individuals either on site or online, and has been doing so for over four decades.  Their amazing faculty represents over two hundred years of combined teaching experience.  Every teacher has a music degree and many have advanced degrees and are professional musicians that are passionate about sharing the joys of music through teaching.  Find out more about the numerous musical instruments and types of lessons FMI offers HERE.

There are numerous benefits for corporate sponsors, including significant marketing benefits and tax deductions.  Find out how your company, school, or place of worship can change children’s lives and reap the rewards of compassionate corporate generosity.  Click below to find out more.

Individual Champions

There are so many ways for individuals to help change the lives of foster children.

Choose a child or children to sponsor for a year.  You can choose to cover the costs of the child’s instrument and lessons, just the lessons, or just the instrument.  You can also choose to give to the area of greatest need.  You can make a single gift or a monthly recurring gift.  And remember, it changes childrens’ lives and is tax deductible as an additional benefit to you.




Business Champions

Businesses that sponsor music lessons and instrument rental for at risk children are first and foremost changing the lives of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. As a thank you for the generosity of our business partners, we provide an effective platform for businesses to build their brand around their corporate generosity.

Research proves that corporations that give back have a significantly higher brand appeal and loyalty rate. Corporations engaged in social good also positively impact their own employees at work satisfaction and company loyalty. Being a champion for at-risk children provides the opportunity for employees to stay in touch with their sponsored child, providing a source of joy and sense of being cared about for children who in many instances have been terribly abused and discarded.

We urgently need your help for thousands of U.S. orphans living in group homes and shelters around our country.  These orphaned children have already experienced so much pain and loss from unimaginable child abuse and neglect.  They need the opportunity to heal through the therapy of playing a musical instrument.   We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your generous gift is tax deductible. As a result of our financial transparency and integrity, we have been awarded the Guidestar Gold Transparency Seal.  You can trust us that your tax deductible gift goes to change abused orphans lives.  Please do what you can to help these children!

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