Many students don’t have any idea about how playing a musical instrument can help them. All they know is that they love listening to music, and wish they had an opportunity to learn. In group homes for foster children, many children believe it is just too much to hope for. For other children in inner city schools, hope is also hard to come by. Sometimes just staying safe is top of mind.

When music enters these scenarios, the transformation is nothing short of miraculous! Pain leaves these children’s faces, if only for an hour. The tension leaves their small shoulders, because they were never intended to carry the weight of the world. For many of these children, education is their only chance for a way out – for hope to have a different way of life.

Take Adam for example – from three to thirteen, Adam was in and out of different foster homes. He gave up on having a family, and was placed in special needs classes. A family miraculously came alongside Adam, and became his champion. Today, Adam rejoices at the change in his life, and is studying to be a doctor. He credits the fact that someone cares about him, and was willing to invest in his future.

Music gave him a sense of identify. He finally had something to call his own – no matter what foster home he lived in. He said that his mind “came alive”, and instead of depression, he looked forward to his music, and then to school! He believes his Music Champion was the rescue he needed to have hope and a future.

Are you ready to be a Music Champion for a student like Adam? Provide hope, happiness, and a future? Find out more.