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Learning to play a musical instrument is part of the healing process for children who have been horrifically abused and neglected.  It is also proven to reduce depression and improve educational outcomes.  U.S. orphans living in the foster care system need the transformational power of playing music. Please join us in making it possible through donations to our music charity for kids!

Ways to Donate to Our Music Charity for Kids in Foster Care

  • Child Champion – choose a child to sponsor music charity for a year – donations cover costs of instrument and lessons.  $147.00/mo.
  • Learning Champion – cover the cost of a child’s lessons for a year.  $130.00/mo.
  • Music Champion – donate the cost of the child’s instrument purchase.  $20.00/mo
  • Champion’s Champion – sponsor multiple children with your donations to our charity for kids and give a gift to cover costs of what is needed most. 

Children Needing Champions

Help a U.S. Orphan Today With Your Donations
to a Music Charity for Kids in Foster Care!

Donations, Music Charities, Kids Charity
Music Charities, Donations, Kids Charity

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