Music Champions
for Abused U.S. Orphans

There are so many ways you can help U.S. orphans who have been horrifically abused.  It is unimaginable what these children have experienced, and they need the healing that therapeutic music instruction brings. Research shows healing includes decreased depression, anger, and sadness along with improvements in learning, social engagement and emotional health.

Whichever option you choose to help these vulnerable children, please know that we are so grateful that you have chosen to be a part of changing the lives of the children who need it most. 

Shout Outs

All Kids Need Music is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We have earned the Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency for handling donations in an ethical manner. Your generous gift to change the lives of at risk and underprivileged children is tax deductible.  Your online transaction is secure through PayPal, where you can confidently give using a major debit or credit card, or your PayPal account.  You will receive a thank you receipt for tax purposes. 

Ways to Change
Children's Lives

Children's Champion
Bring Joy, Healing, Hope, & a Brighter Future to an Abused Orphan
$ 160
per month for 12 months provides the stability and time needed to heal from horrific abuse and grow towards a brighter future
  • Choose Your Child(ren)
  • Your sponsorship includes 52 lessons and equipment purchase or 1 year of instrument rental.
Learning Champion
Therapeutic Music Lessons Faciitate Healing From the Trauma of Abuse
$ 147
per month for 12 months enables trauma informed music teachers to provide a safe place for expression and healing
  • Choose Your Child(ren)
  • Your sponsorship covers the cost of 52 lessons per year with a trauma informed professional music instructor.
Children's Mender
Bring Healing to an Abused Orphan
$ 75
per month helps provide music therapy that
facilitates healing from unimaginable abuse.
  • Help provide a safe place for healing for abused U.S. orphans.
Children's WayMaker
Open Doors for a Brighter Future
monthly helps change educational, emotional and social outcomes for abused orphans.
  • Help make a way for abused orphans to experience a happier future.
Music Champion
Give a Foster Child Something to Call Their Own
$ 20
per month for instrument rental or purchase
  • Cover the cost of instrument purchase or 12 mos. instrument rental
Champion's Champion
Help Our Non Profit Organization Grow
Any amount any amount where it is needed most
  • Your generous gift used where it is needed most. It's tax deductible!

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